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Plastic Pop-Up Books

Non-tearable books for kids who tear paper.
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I hate buying pop-up books, or books with flaps to open for my children because they always destruct. Every parent knows these books are not long for the world, even with kids who are relatively gentle with the. Yesterday I came across the new ink cartridge boxes from HP which are make out of some sort of cardstock-like plastic. The things are damn near indestructable. I'm 6'1" - 250lbs, and barely managed to tear the thing once opened - and that HAD to be done with scissors. If some bright publisher comes out with children's books made with this stuff instead of paper - I'm buying!
trekbody, Feb 10 2005

Tear-proof book http://www.amazon.c...72-5221422?v=glance
[robinism, Feb 11 2005]

indestructable playing cards http://www.kem.com/
This material / manufacturing technique would be perfect. [ato_de, Feb 11 2005]


       This is a fine idea. The cardstock stuff would be great for little kids. That nylon-impregnated paper is also unrippable and could be used for kids library books, big page picture books (which rip when the page is turned improperly) and similar. Full bread.
bungston, Feb 10 2005

       I've resisted buying these books for this exact reason. The age at which they stop tearing them up just about coincides with disinterest in them. Excellent idea.
JungFrankenstein, Feb 10 2005

       One un-rip-able + for you.   

       very good. even as a child I worried about the life expectancy of my pop-ups at the hands of others.
po, Feb 11 2005

       "Is that the plastic pop-up book 'Skyscrapers of the World' in your lap, or are you just happy to see me?"
FarmerJohn, Feb 11 2005

       I doubt if that book linked is a pop-up book, robin.
po, Feb 11 2005

       Chalk one up for the little guy. +
Shz, Feb 11 2005

       Hard to believe that these don't exist. Have a plastic, pop-up croissant.
My own method would be to smack the little monsters upside the head if they even *think* about destroying books, but then, I have no monsters.
angel, Feb 11 2005

       Kids can be raised and disciplined without violence.
FarmerJohn, Feb 11 2005

       Non-toxic and chew proof as well. It must pass the 'soaked in baby saliva/baby gnaw' test. I like it.
UVApostrophe, Feb 11 2005

       Resistant not only to baby salive, but fluids and spills of all types. Great idea.
Ganz Logisch, Feb 12 2005

       My neice certainly had some non-toxic, plastic, chewable and unrippable books when she was 6 to 12 months. They weren't pop up though.
gnomethang, Feb 12 2005


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