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Pocket Pooper

public restroom aid
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The Pocket Pooper would be vending machine in public bathrooms that allow you to purchase short & sweet pieces of reading material (of random, various topics) that would aid in public restroom relaxation (if you know what I mean). The reading material would be small enough in size to be able to be hidden in a pocket discreetly. This would be especially useful in travel stops and truckstop shower rooms.
birkentiff, Nov 29 2000


       very cute idea, i like it, but would someone please answer this for me?..being female, i've never understood why men need reading material to poop!!...i mean women wait til they have to poop, then go poop! men go and then wait around to poop!..Anyway, just advice: don't poop at a truck stop unless you absolutely have to, and if you do, poop and get it over with, don't stick around to read....(germs)..(voted for ya anyway cuz it's cute)
wanda x, Dec 02 2000

       Some people spend more time in the bathroom than others. I'm much the same as Wanda X, do it and get it over with. I've got a better seat in the living room...
StarChaser, Dec 02 2000

       There is a book called "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" by the Bathroom Readers Institute. Although slightly larger than pocket-size it is filled with trivia, short articles, riddles (the Gollum kind), etc.. The length of the entries vary so one can choose an appropriate piece while spending some time on the throne.   

       Incidentally, I believe the tiled library is so popular because it is the one place where no one will bother you - unless its a hall bath and the queue is growing.
Cheph, Dec 05 2000, last modified Dec 06 2000

       Thump...Thummp...knock ...knock... will you please get outta there it's my turn to read!
Jonathan, Dec 06 2000

       Why not feed just the toilet paper through a printer which is constantly supplied with self-published Internet fiction? .
mysterybadger, Mar 28 2001

       wanda and StarChaser: I think it has more to do with diet than gender. Some people just don't get enough fiber. I really love mysterybadger's idea, I think it should intermittenly start talking like the cottonelle toilet paper. I wonder if it ever occured to anyone at Cottonelle what their enlish-prude-sounding toilet paper would end up doing for a living.
nick_n_uit, Mar 31 2001

       building on mysterybadger's idea....   

       If a day trader needs to go and do some serious business, how will they know how their stocks are doing? This printer would come on-line as soon as the door was opened. Sit down, and start multi-tasking with real-time-3-ply quotes.   

       This is especially useful if the stock value starts to plummet. So satisfying to tell it what you're currently thinking of it.
Wes, Apr 01 2001

       I've never been a bathroom 'lingerer' myself. However, after having children, I found that the privacy of the bathroom makes you so more willing to catch up on your reading or be alone with your thoughts.   

       My wife, however, has been known to stay in reading mode until the circulation to her legs has been compromised.
RobGraham, Apr 17 2001

       Anyone who thinks women don't read on the toilet is in denial. It's my personal opinion that the habit is formed young. If I'm deep into a book, I will I not only read it on the toilet, I will also read it in the bathtub and in bed -- and I would read behind the wheel if I weren't such a paranoid driver. (I will sneak peeks at it at stop lights.)   

       At my place of employment, a newspaper, there are clear plastic racks in each restroom stall to hold that day's paper for one's reading pleasure. So I'm not the only one. ;)   

       As far as "some people don't get enough fiber in their diet," if you're neglecting your fiber intake, you're not going to be reading because you're, uh, pushing.   

       And yes, your friendly neighborhood Arghblah is a female.
arghblah, Oct 01 2001


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