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Plausibly deniable car paint job

It wasn't me, but maybe it wasn't you either.
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A car painted entirely with side-swipe looking paint "scratches" in order to avoid accusations that your vehicle has damaged another vehicle's paint. Also works the other way round if the body's made of titanium.
nineteenthly, Jun 05 2011

Car_20Tatoos [Sir_Misspeller, Jun 05 2011]


       Titanium can be scratched by materials with a lower relative hardness, as can many other 'hard' things, like tungsten and diamond.
Alterother, Jun 05 2011

       //lower relative hardness// as distinct from lower absolute hardness?
MaxwellBuchanan, Jun 05 2011

       If only a paints' pigment was also friction activated, then it could be a convolution of guilts' placement: If a vehical's verdical-paint contained alternate pigments with properties that'd catalyze; mixed (along with squished-heat generated) when sideswipe incidented.
Sir_Misspeller, Jun 05 2011

       It is plausibly deniable that my "car" has a paint job. (The quotes are due to the absence of enhanced mobility as traditionally implied by the word).
spidermother, Jun 05 2011

       The titanium was an afterthought.   

       Anyway, it occurs to me that if there is for some reason a vertical scratch it will be very obvious. It also occurs to me that paint could include microscopic numbered glass beads like smart water.
nineteenthly, Jun 06 2011

       A proximity alert, blue-tooth chassis/number plate info sys,,.-.-.-...-.--.-. clearing all doubts of claims, and truths.
sirau, Jun 06 2011

       [MB], I'm normally not one to concede a perfectly good semantics argument (the more trivial, the better!), but I gotta hand it to ya, ya got me.
Alterother, Jun 08 2011

       Some people have relatives who are hard enough to key a titanium car.
mouseposture, Jun 09 2011


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