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Off-road on the road

That off-road experience during your everyday drive.
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Most SUVs, despite having 4x4 all terrain capability, never encounter any obstacle more taxing than the speed-bumps in the supermarket car park. This must be frustating for the driver, who is longing to ford rivers and cross boulder fields. My invention consists of a "skirt" which surrounds the vehicle, and lots of nozzles, pipes, pumps and conveyor belts. The skirt would be filled with the desired depth of sand or mud or water, which could be constantly pumped from the back to the front by the pumps and nozzles as the vehicle moves forward. Large boulders could be included, and would be scooped up at the back by the conveyor belts and dumped in front of the vehicle again. In this way the SUV is always slogging through its own personal mudbath wherever it goes.

Usless? Certainly, but that doesn't mean it won't be a big seller.

Skinny Rob, Nov 27 2000

Auto Road Sander http://www.halfbake...ander#975401382-3-1
Basic mechanism could be the same as the Auto Road Sander [Lemon, Nov 27 2000, last modified Oct 04 2004]

Auto Road Sander http://www.halfbake....html#975401382-3-1
Basic mechanism could be the same as the Auto Road Sander [Lemon, Oct 21 2004]


       You could open a stationary version of this -- a sort of vehicle treadmill for lazy yuppies who want to buy the thrills and grime of off-roading without all the hassle.   

       They drive their SUV into it, the door closes, you flick a switch to start the belt at the setting they have requested, and off they go.   

       Smaller versions for mountain bikers and trail runners who can't get out to the woods on weekdays.
Monkfish, Dec 01 2000

       How about an "four wheel drive only" private toll road? This could be a very profitable venture, since you wouldn't have to do squat for maintenance, aside from dumping new boulders and whatnot in the road. You could even sort of nebulously bill it as a "shortcut" and a "driving experience" all in one- in fact, other people might pay for it just to keep the SUV's off the main road!
Rubegoldberg, Aug 14 2003

       Just use intelligent shocks to simulate rough terrain and obstacles. Project appropriate scenery on the windscreen. The car´s stereo will simulate splashing water etc...
RaoulDuke, Sep 04 2003

       and when it goes over a boulder with it's back tires, the boulder will pop the skirt, spilling mud and gunk all over the road. Not good.
croissantz, Aug 22 2004


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