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Reflective Car Skin

Replaces metal plates and windows with reflective mirrors and glass.
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Designed to disguise, decieve, and annoy other road users, the reflective surfaces cause light to be bounced back, causing reflection that can "hide" the shape of the vehicle by distorting it's lines and true form.

Also really annoys people who shine their lights onto the car by bouncing it right back.

mrkillboy, Jul 08 2000

Electronic Ink http://www.electronic-ink.com/index.htm
Not reflective, but you can change the color of your car. [lockle, Jul 08 2000, last modified Oct 21 2004]


       even better, get your car chrome plated! infact, get a hummer chrome plated, nobody is gonna stop you, and nobody will look towards you either, you could do whatever the hell you liked and get away with it!
Malcolm, Jul 13 2000

       You could achieve the same effect by covering it in plaid or paisley cloth, people do often turn their heads away from gigantic displays of bad taste...
StarChaser, Jul 13 2000

       Also a great surface for police radar to bounce off of...
betsy, Jul 29 2000

       Actually, since a lot of people are doing research into 'electronic ink' to make paper thin displays for electronic newspapers and the like. Well, if this ink is perfected, think of painting your car in it. Initally, it'll probably only be black and white. Eventually, multiple colors will be possible. Think of it; Flick a switch, and the car is green. Feeling down that day? Drive a blue car! Police car? The entire car can flash red and blue!
lockle, Aug 14 2000

       I've considered this myself. However I'm too lazy to check into the legality of it and I'm unsure how cool I'd be going down the road looking like a head floating above four wheels.
phoenix, Jun 14 2001


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