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Playstation 2 crossbow

A medieval crossbow which shoots virtual arrows in PS2 games.
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A safe medieval crossbow which connects to the controller port of the Playstation 2 and can be used to fire arrows in games. For the string, there would be a potentiometer to tell how hard you pulled it back (if you pullled it back too much, the bow will send back a "missed shot") and a release mechanism will prevent the string from twanging like a real bow in order to prevent stinged wrists. The sensor on the front will tell the PS2 on which part of the video signal you aimed at. It would come with games like "Defend The Castle" where you are in a tower and you got to shoot arrows at everybody who comes toward the castle, and "Viking Torture" where you shoot at someone tied to a post and get negative points for hitting vital areas and bonus points for prolonging the agony.
Amishman35, Dec 27 2003

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       Sounds like the dreamcast gun. You know, you don't get "stinged wrists" off of crossbows. It's the regular bows that you need to wear a wristgaurd for.
Eugene, Dec 27 2003

       How do you plan on over-tensioning a crossbow? Once you have cocked it to the nut or catch, then what?
Laughs Last, Dec 27 2003

Letsbuildafort, Dec 28 2003

       The people who over-tension a crossbow are the same people who put all their pewter dishes in the Microwave Oven on 100% power for 99m99s. In other words, they want to test the capabilities.
Amishman35, Feb 14 2004


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