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controller for the coordinated

gain manual dexterity and the most frags at the same time
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A video game controller that's almost exatly like an xbox controller, except instead of just 2 flippers for your index fingers, take all six buttons on top (x,y,a,b,black,white) and place them underneath the controller, one for each remaining finger. This serves 2 functions.

1. you don't have to take your thumbs off the joysticks in order to press any buttons.

2. actually improve your hand-eye cordination, not just your thumb-eye coordination. Great practice for musical instruments.

it certainly wouldn't be for everyone, but the option should be out there. In fact the controller could even look just like an ordinary xbox controller except with the addition of the lower buttons which could be turned off or on with a switch.

gradies, Dec 15 2003

c"O"mmander http://www.gamersde...c_commander/001.htm
baked. [Letsbuildafort, Oct 04 2004]


       damn that was quick! it means a kill in a video game. I belive it's military slang that means to kill one of your own "accidentally" with a fragmentation grenade, but was then braudened to not make a distinction with the weapon type. Again not entirely sure, but I think id started it with doom 2 multiplayer. As in your supposed to be people killing demons, but it's gonna keep track of how many kills you get against "your own" i.e. frags.
gradies, Dec 15 2003

       A frag is a kill in FPS multiplayer games ... Quake, HalfLife, and the sort ...   

       But MIcrosoft kinda-baked this ... its the Strategic Commander ... made for C&C - style strategy games, but 0wNz0r5 1N Qu4k3 t00 -- 1337 5h173!
Letsbuildafort, Dec 15 2003

       while the strategic commander is a very nice devise. It doesn't plug into my xbox, nor does it have two analog joysticks for fps. Like you said it was made for a rts. This however is made for when your playing halo and you'd like to run, jump, and spin 360 while throwing a grenade, which is unfortunalty not possible to the extent that I'd like because you must take your thumbs off one of the joysticks in order to do anything other than the actioin you place in the left flipper.
gradies, Dec 18 2003

       Not coral cuttings then.
squeak, Dec 18 2003

       Category - Computer: Input Device
friendlyfire, Dec 18 2003

       You should email the founder of this webpage: http://www.portablesystems.bravepages.com/index.html
tsnow, Mar 22 2004

       or benheck(at)mwt.net of http://www.classicgaming.com/vcsp/ these guys do that sort of thing all the time
tsnow, Mar 22 2004


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