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Touchscreen Gamepad

A gamepad with a versatile input
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This idea is about a gamepad that instead main face buttons, it features an e ink capacitive display, this would allow for a different set of input for every game, for arcade style games it would feature virtual d-pad and buttons, for FPS it could have virtual analogue sticks, for adventure games you would be able to select menu items, it would also be useful for drawing games, for card and board games you would be able to look at items while no one else can, and it could also feature a digital keyboard for messaging; the device would also feature physical shoulder buttons and a motion sensor, and the device would be able to be used in portrait mode like a Wiimote.
appdirect, Jul 21 2014


       So you're looking for a laptop with touchscreen?
Voice, Jul 26 2014

       No thanks, I'd like some tactile feedback please.
Spacecoyote, Jul 26 2014


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