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Pleasant call on hold

listen to your favourite song while you wait
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example: while filling up a form to open a bank account, apart from other details you also write your choice of music band or singer or even just a song. So next time you call the bank (which will be mostly routed to bank's call center) and if they have to put you on hold since the customer care representative is talking to someone else, you will be listening to your favorite song/singer. Won't this be better than listening to marketing messages or saxophones or something not so pleasing?

A bigger picture: While buying a SIM card or new phone connection, the telecom service provider's form will capture the fav song details. This is not a sensitive personal info (I hope). So the telecom provider will share this to pizza guys, banks etc. So whenever you call any of these people and if you have to be put on hold, you get to listen to something you like. Just makes waiting better than before.

You can login to the telecom's website and update fav songs as often as required and this update will reflect in all systems (pizza, hospital etc) in say 24 hrs.

ravi kris334, Jul 03 2013

Here's a classic take... Continue_20to_20Hol...nights_20Are_20Bold
[RayfordSteele, Jul 07 2013]


       you want to take your favorite song and firstly, listen to it from a phone speaker into one ear and secondly, associate it with being on hold?
bs0u0155, Jul 03 2013

       [-] for favourite song, [+] for networked preference setting, so on average [ ]
pocmloc, Jul 03 2013

       An alternative, instead of having the hold location play the music, develop a standard whereby the location has a default signal they send out, and the phone knows to play music from your playlist. If the hold location doesn't get a response, it simply defaults back to standard hold music for those people who still don't have a smart phone.   

       That way you don't have to deal with the fact that cell phone compression makes a complete hash of music.
MechE, Jul 03 2013

       What [MechE] said, but even better yet. Once that signal has been implemented, rather than having the phone play music of your choise, it could go into "hold mode". In that mode you can set the phone down and it will ring as soon as the hold signal stops, either because there is a person on the line or because the connection got dropped.   

       Heck, I bet it woud be possible to write an app that could do that without a special signal. Just wait for a pause in the music. The advanced version might also be able to ignore the repretative "please continue to hold" messages after you ignore the first one.
scad mientist, Jul 03 2013

       I want a Pleasant call on hold experience. Just a little relaxing music at low volume or no sound at all.   

       Sound cancelling headphones? Human voice detection>
popbottle, Jul 07 2013

       Didn't we do one of these that was based on patching you through to a little old lady somewhere who wanted someone to natter with while she had a nice cup of tea and a sit down?
Wrongfellow, Jul 07 2013


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