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On many stereo-channeled pro-audio devices the left-channel inputs and outputs are labeled as "L/Mono".

"L/Mono" means that, as well the normal method of using two cables to get both L & R channels separately, you can get a combined-channel mono feed, by using a single cable, plugged into the L/Mono jack. This is useful when you don't need or want a separated stereo signal but *do* want to hear both channels.

This idea is to also get a stereo signal out of *one* jack, to simplify cable runs: if both channels are going to the same device, why use two cables? stereo cables and plugs are common enough. Proposed is that stereo inputs & outputs, utilizing plug/jack types that can support three-wire connections as well as two, have the Right channel labelled and wired as "R/Stereo".

If you plug a stereo jack&cable into the R/Stereo plug, you get both channels on a single cable and don't have to mess around with two of them.

FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2011


       This isn't about mp3 players. It's not even about home stereos, though that's a fit too.   

       I used to have a keyboards/rack setup that had over 80 cable/cord connections; took twenty minutes to set up and tear down each time. This idea would've knocked off 5 minutes easy.
FlyingToaster, Feb 10 2011

       But if your device has a socket with stereo capability, and you have cables with stereo capability, what's the point of the separate 'L and R' at all?
It's not like the 'L and R' quality will be better; 3.5mm isn't very good mono or stereo (very small contact area; it's OK going into an amp or whatever, but high contact area like RCA is much better).
neutrinos_shadow, Feb 10 2011

       Good idea. Baked. Everyone moved to one jack and if you wanted to split down into two you used a splitter cable. To allow backwards compatibility (L/R/Lmono) you had a male duplex (sic). Get the hack, don't hack the git.
WcW, Feb 10 2011

       //3.5mm// The people for which this would be a useful idea would be going "what the hell is 3.5mm ?"   

       //Baked// Really ? Show me a synthesizer or piece of pro audio equipment with this feature. Really.   

       //splitter cable// so *more* crap to deal with ?
FlyingToaster, Feb 11 2011

       Ethernet or optical for everything! Yay!   

       Then it's just a simple matter of multiplexing, software, device drivers, protocols, user interface, version numbers, updates, etc.   

       Hmm, think I'll stick with XLRs. Or better yet, just go to live concerts.
csea, Feb 11 2011

       [bs] 1/4", rca, even XLR (though that mitigates its functionality)... and yes, I get that way whenever I undertake fixing some piece of electronics that's gone titsup on me... though the problem isn't related to the post. Something for MIDI as well, though that'd probably require a manual switch to toggle.
FlyingToaster, Feb 12 2011


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