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Real time Interactive Voicemail
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Its the gadet we have all been waiting for, and yes I have managed to beat the whole world's ICT industry to the holy grail of mobile communications - real time interactive voicemail. realtime interactive voicemail will log what your correpsondent says, stack their conversational queries and statements, and then prompt you to answer them in the most efficient order. And then there's the clever bit - you speak back to your correspondent, and the RIVo will match your answer to the question asked. Simple! 2000 research volunteers weren't needlessly sacrificed in vain after all! Welcome to the future - RIVo
dafydd, Jan 12 2001


       I can already imagine a world where all the talking is done by phones between phones. It's kind of amusing.
salmon, Jan 13 2001

       Will the phones tell you when they've oprganized for you to have lunch with your ex-girlfriends brothers gay lover who I can't believe that he got together with phone #43275869-AS09's owners flatmate! they're such a mismatch, but I can see it working, because you remember what happened with phone #47685-TKF-857362's owner's husband and whatshisname Bowie, you know, but then I heard that he ended up on drugs, it's so tragic when that happens... ad nauseum.   

       Or will they just have lunch with each other.   

       There's an idea for the Halfbakery - mobile phone cafes...
Detly, Jan 13 2001

       I'd be all for recording over muzac.

RIVo: Thanks for the muzac. While it was playing I've attended to sending two faxes and I reorganized my MP3 archives again.
reensure, Jan 13 2001


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