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Pneumatic Air Freshener

With a fan, of course.
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A small pressurized aerosol airfreshiner as already exists, but with the notible exception of the top. As the dispenser, there is a special top which slowly leaks the freshener out into the air while passing through a small air motor turing a fan to distribute it around the room. No batteries. No plug.
bleh, Oct 07 2007

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       Appologies if this is poorly thought out. I'm tired.
bleh, Oct 07 2007

       You could use the spinning motor like a turbine and claim a USB power supply.
reclaimbozeman, Nov 24 2010

       more inclined to believe "I'm tired". If you have a fan then you don't need an aerosol, any solid or liquid will do, in which case quite baked. [mfd] baked.
FlyingToaster, Nov 24 2010


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