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Sports Horn Bathroom Air Freshener

For nefarious people in high places.
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For people who own a business and have a public bathroom, one of those battery operated air fresheners that presses the button on the can every ten minutes. However this air freshener has the ability to take a sports horn whenever the buisness owner has a bad day and wants to scare people.
Amishman35, Oct 30 2006


       I remember the first time I came across one of those automatic air fresheners. I was just unhooking the belt, when this contraption I hadn't noticed before suddenly gave a short, staccato whirr. I peered up at it, just in time to get a faceful of noxious stinging spray.   

       An air horn in that situation would have cured my constipation, that's for sure.
egbert, Nov 01 2006


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