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Pneumatic Muscle-Suit

Compressed-air in bladders improves superficial physique and provides superhuman strength, once or twice.
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The body-suit will consist of bladders that will be placed over the human body in the arrangement of the major muscle groups. This enhances the physique and also allows for mobility.

The bladders will be flesh toned and may fit under very large clothing. It will give the wearer an appearance no less brawny than a scandinavian rope-twister's.

Of course, seeming strong and powerful is useless if one is a mere stick-figure. The air bladders, then, will be designed to release all their stored clout when the limbs are cocked back and extended forward in a punching or kicking motion, in the oppoiste direction.

It is assumed this suit will only be needed to be worn when one is expecting to fight. Because the suit has no way of refilling its bladders with air, one must be sure to strike his opponent with at-least one of the four possible blows.

This should give the wearer some advantage in a fight by increasing power aswell as providing defence against blows while inflated.

ImBack, Jan 27 2003

reminds me, anything like? http://www.theartof...chelin%20250271.jpg
[po, Oct 04 2004]

Baked http://www.accessib.../health/muscles.htm
What the fu' - didn't I just say it couldn't be done? [DrCurry, Oct 04 2004]

McKibben Artificial Muscles: Pneumatic Actuators with Biomechanical Intelligence http://rcs.ee.washi...ications/Rep129.pdf
How it could be done. [Aristotle, Oct 04 2004]

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       The only episode I ever saw of Sponge Bob Spare Pants featured just such inflatable muscles. But I too thought of the Michelin Man.   

       Sheesh - see link.
DrCurry, Jan 27 2003

       Spray it green.
skinflaps, Jan 27 2003

       [po] Did you know that Michelin character has a name? He's called 'Bibendum'. Obscure tire trivia, that.
krelnik, Jan 27 2003

po, Jan 27 2003

       His friends call him "Bib".
waugsqueke, Jan 27 2003

       Yeah but does the michelin man or bibendum, or that dumb television show guy you saw deflate and injure people in the process?
ImBack, Jan 27 2003

       Apparently only on his spare time.
krelnik, Jan 27 2003

       'Spare' could be loosly interpreted as a pun.
ImBack, Jan 27 2003

krelnik, Jan 27 2003

       Mr Gonflable.
skinflaps, Jan 28 2003

       He's got lot's of guts, with all his inner tubes.
FarmerJohn, Jan 28 2003

       'Bibendum' yes... to drink, as in "drinking up" bumps in the road.

As for the suit, I award one 'puffy-looking' croissant for the following visual you've inspired in my twisted imagination... If 'stick boy' is expecting a fight, it is likely that his adversary already knows he is rather un-intimidating. When 'stick boy' arrives for the "showdown" looking all massive and spongy (and probably emitting 'squeeky sounds' with his every move as well), said adversary will most likely find himself doubled-over, incapacitated by an intensely painful fit of uncontrollable laughter, at which point 'stick boy' can pummel his opponent into submission with four mighty blows. The victor of this contest then turns to drag himself and his now deflated tent of a costume from whence he came, leaving in his wake a crowd of astonished onlookers who can barely manage (whilst desperately gasping for air) to inquire of one another "What was that thing?"

On the other hand (in the event that the above scenario doesn't evolve to fruition), one might reasonably expect to be beaten senseless for wearing such a ridiculous outfit in public.
X2Entendre, Jan 28 2003

       If Bibendum doesn't suit your fancy, you could paint the suit green and pretend you are The Incredible Hulk.
krelnik, Jan 28 2003

       Actually its "Sponge Bob SQUARE Pants", but hey, who cares.   

       As for this muscle suit, wait for a couple of years until the polymer artificial muscles are about, you can then have a superman suit that works and doesn't make you look like Bibby.   

       They'll be lighter and cheaper too!!
Helenc, Apr 18 2003


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