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Pneumatic Stadium Food

Have your popcorn delivered right to your theater seat!
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I hate getting up from my theater seat for a snack or another soda because my wife didn't want a one and changed her mind. Forget about at stadiums, where going to get a beer or a 'dog is a major hassle. With pneumatic delivery those annoyances are all over. Between every two seats at a venue is a pneumatic tube - specially designed to be very quiet. Attached is a small electronic screen and entry system (think iPod-like wheel). You simply swipe your plastic card of choice, and enter your selection. Moments later the food and/or beverage gets delivered right to your seat. You never need to leave the action for a moment. The cost of the system is balanced out by not needing a whole lot of extra room in the venue for food service, lines, cashiers, etc. It could be a much more streamlined operation - imagine hot-dogs coming from 1 or 2 centralized locations and getting routed directly to your seat. You could probably order only 1 item at a time - but check this out - you could send the container back with the trash, and it would automatically go a garbage room - reduced cleaning needs!
trekbody, Dec 02 2004


       A problem arises when you consider that you need an individual tube for each delivery location. To have that many tubes (a theatre with 500 seats?) would probably be difficult to install and maintain, and confusing for the operator/food service person.
contracts, Dec 02 2004

       [Paying attention to an exciting play, when out pops an unasked for and unwanted hot dog and coke]   

       "Damn, and it's been billed to my card !"   

       [Edit] Trebuchet Stadium Food......more fun.
normzone, Dec 02 2004

       Did you ever see that 'Simpsons' episode where Homer is eating at various international stalls at a 'Food Court'? (Dutch Pancake House, Wok Express, Mongolian Barbeque etc.) As the camera panned down through the ground it showed an underground kitchen where spotty teenagers slopped brown muck from a container marked "Low Grade Homogenised Meat" onto conveyor belts that went up to the stalls. This idea reminds me too much of that.
wagster, Dec 02 2004

       "Low Grade Homogenised Meat" - sounds like a ballpark hotdog to me.
trekbody, Feb 03 2005


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