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Pocket Spinal Shiver

Thinking of You
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(with apologies to Helium)

Give your loathed one the ultimate gift of a Pocket Spinal Shiver Device. When you're apart and you want to let them know you discovered something horrible about them, simply push the button on your matching PSSD, and their PSSD will vibrate and become cold.

Works across countries, when a phone call just isn't possible. Also good for parents to give their kids, when they're having a good day at school they can discreetly have cold shivers run down their spine from their mother without suffering the humiliation of being harangued in public.

5th Earth, Nov 06 2004

Pocket Warm Fuzzy http://www.halfbake...cket_20Warm_20Fuzzy
Helium's original [5th Earth, Nov 06 2004]


       How does it work?
stupop, Nov 06 2004

       I'd lob mine into a nearby pond
po, Nov 06 2004

       then you could go ice skating, po!
DesertFox, Nov 06 2004


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