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Pocket Squid

A handy sized personal cephalopod
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Handy as a hand cooler, for playing pocket billiards, and for surreptitious chromatophoric message transmission.
sandriana, Feb 17 2002

Chromatophores http://www.ultranet...Chromatophores.html
Irregularly shaped, pigment-containing cells. [jutta, Feb 18 2002]

"prairie squid" http://www.google.c...&btnG=Google+Search
Results 1 - 10 of about 355. [thumbwax, Feb 18 2002]


       have you lost your way, sandriana?
po, Feb 17 2002

       There's something fishy here.
phoenix, Feb 17 2002

       Rather surprisingly, she hasn't busted out the magic words...
StarChaser, Feb 17 2002

       Sounds rather like the Prairie Squid so beloved of SubGenii around the world. I would include links but they are all quite quite filthy. Just do a Google search on prairie squid.   

       Ah, go on. I dare you.
Guy Fox, Feb 17 2002

       Someone's been reading Gary Larson (thanks jutta) cartoons.
CoolerKing, Feb 17 2002

       [sp: That's Gary Larson, [CoolerKing].]
jutta, Feb 18 2002

       That's Grand Larsony.
entremanure, Feb 18 2002

       ((Insert joke about dragging seamen to their deaths here.))
pottedstu, Feb 18 2002

       Not so sure - there's always a danger of someone accidently grabbing you by the tentacles.
goff, Feb 18 2002

       1. how would you keep it alive? (assuming you wanted to, and if you didn't, you would be carrying a dead squid around) 2.what would be the point in having a squid in your pocket? (sorry if I missed it)
smileydudette, Mar 02 2003

       //1. how would you keep it alive?// Wet pockets.
//2.what would be the point in having a squid in your pocket?//
...erm, wet pockets? Oh, and chromatophoric message transmission (of the phrase "Help, I'm trapped in a pocket!")
zen_tom, Aug 01 2006

       //having a squid in your pocket//   

       Spend it in the corner shop? As your bus fare?
webfishrune, Aug 02 2006


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