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Pocket procrastinator

Adjustable for different purposes
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This consists of four extendable grips which can be fastened to various objects, such as doorways, the openings of boxes, keyboards, drawers and so forth. They block access to the space and items beyond the aperture or to the object to which they are attached. Kevlar webbing stretches between the cruciform grips. The user arranges the procrastinator in the centre of the procrastination area and presses a button which extends the arms to the dimensions of the opening or object concerned and the ends then clamp automatically (this is all done with springs) onto the edges of the area while pulling open the webbing.

A simple pseudorandom number generator using a seed based on the date, or on the date and time if the procrastinator is used more than once a day, then generates a six-digit combination for a lock in the centre. The user can either set a date and time for the procrastinator to release or leave it locked. If the user wishes to release the clamps, they must either work out the particular combination for that date and/or time or ring a premium-rate number which will give them the combination for that day. All calls are held in a queue, of course, even if nobody else is currently connected to the number.

nineteenthly, Dec 14 2011

This is not it http://www.flickr.c...ictures/5579634636/
But it is a portable procrastinator [zeno, Dec 15 2011]




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