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photovoltaic tDCS

tDCS is published as making people learn more rapidly, this USB or off grid version is the cheapest I am aware of as well as less risky.
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tDCS makes people learn faster (nature link) the output 9v at 1 or 2 milliamps could be made with

USB 5V lights up a superbright LED LED then illuminates 3 or 7 photovoltaics to produce 9 volts 40 milliamps a resistor or potentiometer brings that to the published 9V at 1 or 2mA

Unlike other versions where the power is under software control, risking software compromise, if you see the light is on the current is mild as well as of the right polarity.

viewing just two suppliers online All Electronics has parts, cheap. (three 3v 40 mA photovoltaics at 3.75 each) so perhaps this is a less than 20$ version

I read that you actually get reverse effects if the polarity is reversed so the software versions pose some risk, also some of the online schematics seem more complex than this. this is the first solar tDCS i am aware of. It has works with sunlight after stranding at bizarre scenario advantages as well.

beanangel, Apr 12 2012

tDCS makes people learn faster http://www.nature.c...3/full/472156a.html
[beanangel, Apr 12 2012]


       Switching 5V up to 9V @ 2mA with a current-limited DC to DC converter is an off-the-shelf solution and [widely-known-to-exist].   

       No need for the photovoltaics and opto-coupling ... no software involved.   

       Use the PV supply as a top up to an onboard LIon powerpack for untethered operation.
8th of 7, Apr 12 2012

       well digi-keys cheapest dc to dc converter is over $100, so the PV version at <20 is attractive. also it is my perception this is cheaper even with mass production as a real telecom dc to dc converter is overengineered as well as oversized to this application   

       actually Im kind of hoping tDCS folks visit the .5b as a result of this item, they might like it here
beanangel, Apr 12 2012

       [beany], there's something you should know about DARPA: they take a look at _everything_, no matter how wierd and/or wacky, because they never know what will pay off. Just because you've read that some mad science project has DARPA support or funding does not mean that it is a good idea, or even a realistic idea.
Alterother, Apr 12 2012


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