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Spring Fresh Carpet Cleaner
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Dangerous, inefficient and annoying to the downstairs neighbours; a Pogo Stick with both base and rubber tip remaining hollow provides suction from each upward recoil to lift debris.

Said detritus feeds into bags on either side of main cylinder even as gravity pulls pogovacuumer like a spastic bull in a china shop to spot-clean here and there.

thumbwax, Feb 09 2008


po, Feb 09 2008

       been thinking of you (fondly) all day! I'm a witch.
po, Feb 09 2008

       To annoy the downstairs neighbors like having a prolonged nasty romp with your partner that moves from room to room without missing a beat? The thumping and panting is there but it needs a crescendo.
WcW, Feb 09 2008

       Silly +
xenzag, Feb 10 2008

       If it doesn't make it as a room vacuum, removal of the rubber tip could make it a dandy tool for cultivating the flower beds, or it could be slightly rejiggered to aerate the lawns. [+] for product versatility.
jurist, Feb 10 2008

       sounds a lot more fun than what I do with a vac. (which is not perverse or even a little bit funny)
dentworth, Feb 10 2008

       Hi bake/2 kids and witches! Yes, jurist - at low tide, it could also be a wonderful clamdigger, well, save for that sinking feeling; a halfclambake, if you will.
thumbwax, Feb 10 2008

       Crazy, genius. (+)
MisterQED, Feb 10 2008

       This would be fun at a bottle party, see who can get the cork out without falling over.
skinflaps, Feb 11 2008

       Or some kind of floor based Hungry-Hungry-Hippos-esque party game.
Jinbish, Feb 11 2008


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