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Henry Vacuum cleaner with eight hoses
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Everyone knows that Henry makes the best vacuum cleaners in the planet, but only one person at a time can use them as they only have one hose. Octo-Henry solves this omission by providing 7 additional suction hoses all feeding into the one larger container, with a complex system of interconnected valves ensuring there is no loss of suction.

To avoid entanglement, a little choreography is required, for the 8 person vacuuming team to perform an effective cleaning routine. (strictly come vacuuming?)

Medusa-Henry under development.

xenzag, Dec 04 2015

Henry! http://www.tool-net...uwskCFcgYGwodzAEFlA
totally Excellent even with only one hose [xenzag, Dec 04 2015]


       This idea sucks.
Ian Tindale, Dec 04 2015

       Nature abhors eight vacuum.
normzone, Dec 04 2015

       You could reverse the connections, and attach eight Henry devices to a single hose and nozzle, for octo-suction-action.
pocmloc, Dec 04 2015


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