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Pogo "Stick"

Uncomfortable at best.
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A pogo stick replete with a dildo attached to a rod. The rod has it's own shock absorbers to reduce the chance of injury and allow for different heights.
notmarkflynn, Feb 10 2008


       Alternate title: Pogo's "Dick".
lostdog, Feb 10 2008

       Space Hopper - ribbed for your pleasure. Share with a friend or enjoy double the fun by your elf.
marklar, Feb 10 2008

       This is pretty sick, but I've seen a design for a push bike with a dildo attached, which moves up and down with the motion of the wheel. There's some dirty people out there man...
theleopard, Feb 13 2008

       <nemesis>You have returned, notmarkflynn! You shall, of course, not succeed, especially if this puerile idea is any indicator.</nemesis>
dbmag9, Feb 14 2008


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