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wheelbarrow with rotating legs instead of a wheel
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A conventional wheel barrow only really does one job and is a fairly dull object, however, by removing the front wheel and replacing it with a set of legs, it becomes the much more versatile and exciting Leg- Barrow.

There are several advantages to the Leg- Barrow: The motion becomes undulating, making it useful for sifting, settling and otherwise agitating its contents; the spokes can now wear a variety of boots, shoes and sandals according to individual requirements and taste; it can climb up ladders and steps if it is fitted with cleated boots and it can be taken shopping as a fashion accessory when wearing a set of dress shoes or high heels - in which case its legs can be made even more interesting by adding socks and garters.

xenzag, May 18 2006

Legbarrow https://picasaweb.g...5468873684253745650
illustration [xenzag, May 18 2006, last modified Jul 10 2012]

Sounds a little like Rincewind's luggage http://www.ie.lspac...ght-fantastic-1.jpg
[fridge duck, May 18 2006]

Artist's Illustration http://www.joe-ks.c...2005/BootMobile.htm
...if you were talking about a bike, not a wheelbarrow. Knew I'd seen this somewhere. Anyway, you should talk to this guy. [DrCurry, Jun 19 2006]


       Ah. I thought this would be a way of commemorating amputated limbs.
DrCurry, May 18 2006

       Do the legs walk, and if so, how? Or do they rotate like spokes?
Texticle, May 18 2006

       TEX - The legs rotate, flexing slightly at the knees as each foot hits the ground. Double "wheels", with asymmetrical leg positions. would create a swaying gait to add to the effect.
xenzag, May 19 2006

       I have to go fishing on this one. I have enough bursitis problems in my shoulder from the wheeled variety of a barrow. Add legs and it might look cute in fishnets, but that's the only saving grace.
Willie333, May 19 2006

       oh dear - sorry it's so impractical for you W333, but somehow that pleases me even more - I just don't "do" practical - so just for you it can make moaning sounds as you roll it along, in harmony with your own.
xenzag, May 19 2006


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