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Point source amplifier

Returns annoying noise to source, only amplified dramatically
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Instead of cancelling annoying sounds (I'm thinking of techno played on earphones on the quiet carriage), why not get a head-mounted receiver transmitter using the principle of modulated ultrasonic waves. The incoming signal is boosted to the ultrasonic range. Two transmitter send out a highly focussed beam of ultrasound which can be made to intersect at any distance (using a laser dot would add extra revenge vibes). The signals differ by the sound of the source and where they intersect they cancel each other except for the difference tones, i.e. the techno high-hat. This is then converted to the audible range at high volume inside the head of the target and drives the headphone user screaming from the carriage.
harperolocito, Mar 31 2009

The Audio Spotlight www.holosonics.com
These guys might be of interest to you. It's similar technology, if not the same. [wagster, Mar 31 2009]




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