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Satellite Radio Headphones

XM, Sirius, or Both
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These high-quality headphones are programmable by the retailer, so that the same model can be used to receive XM, Sirius, or both (for those who actually have both).

*New*! Accesorize your headphones with optional high-gain antenna. This satellite dish not only shields you from the sun on hot days and makes you look very cool, it keeps you anonymous to spy satellites! They can't tell you from one of their own! Only $29.95! Order now!

galukalock, May 05 2003

Why, back in my day... http://outdoorplace.../graphics/Veil3.gif
[thumbwax, Oct 05 2004]


       So these would be headphones that orbit your head?
AO, May 05 2003

       Like a elfant?   

       Rewrite complete.
galukalock, May 07 2003


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