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Polo-neck FFP3

wear a mask but still win approval from the fashion police
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Every proper hipster owns a black polo-neck jumper. Now that we have covid, an opportunity presents itself to introduce another variant of this ubiquitous garment.

As its name suggests, Polo-neck FFP3 has a new built in feature: it doubles up as a high spec virus filter mask.

This means that if the fashion savvy hipster is caught out with no covid mask, all he/she needs do is to roll up the polo-neck until it covers their nose and mouth. Its close fitting neck extension will then double up as a totally effective anti virus mask. The material around this area of the garment is of course fully compliant with FFP3 specifications.

Polo–neck FFP3 comes in all sizes and colours.
Deluxe version has extra rings of colour that only become visible when the extended neck is fully unrolled to cover the mouth and nose area.

xenzag, Jun 19 2021


       Good try, but neither example is a stylish hipster polo-neck with a built in Covid FFP3 mask.
xenzag, Jun 19 2021

       Now you're getting desperate and I'm still not seeing a polo-neck with a built in FFP3 mask.
xenzag, Jun 19 2021

       FFP3 approved fabric of course, same as that used in 3M masks, since the originality of the whole idea derives from that, as you have so thoroughly confirmed.
xenzag, Jun 20 2021

       feels Dr Seuss. <tries to imagine some neck luxury covid conflabory rhythm />   

       Stripes expected.
wjt, Jul 03 2021


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