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nose cleaner device

better than a mouse trap
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Sucks up mucus and dries it killing the deseases on the way and saving all those trees and tissues.

addendum following xandram's complaint: like the bulb for infants but:

1. electricly powered suction

2. dries it and self cleans with heating and blowing so its always clean and ready for your next nose blow.

pashute, Apr 05 2022


       You mean like those squeeze bulbs they use for infants...?
21 Quest, Apr 05 2022

       Well killing the deceased seems redundant, but I wonder why you never explain what your invention is or how it works. -   

       (Pictures mousetrap hanging off of someone’s nose)
xandram, Apr 06 2022

       I guess "better than a mousetrap" could be said for just about anything. Tissue paper, Qtips, fingernail clippers, condoms.
doctorremulac3, Apr 06 2022

       sorry. i thought my idea was clear xandram claims they never are.   

       added some explanation inside. Please tell me if that is enough or if its still not clear what the idea is and how it works.
pashute, May 29 2022


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