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Ever want to swim vertically?
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I want to take a large bowl or cylinder fill it about half way with water, then spin it.

just coat the walls with water, leave it spinning not quite fast enough to move all the water to the sides so you get this parabolic effect. then go for a swim swim down, swim up, surface side ways look directly upwards and see some people swimming up there. so cool.

Once it is spinning it wont take much energy to keep it going, and if you had maybe a ladder that went down the center of the vortex so you could hop in the vertex of the paraboloid where its not moving that fast. maybe have it at a water park that would be a pretty cool attraction. oh and theres not real problem with buoyancy either because mass is mass, and if the gravity is more, you weigh more and the water weighs more, you will still be nearly neutrally buoyant in water despite the increase in acceleration. and if your still worried about that, add some salt to this thing.

either way, i want someone to build one and invite me to it.

Curiosity, Feb 08 2008

Swimmers challenge whirlpools & tide rips at Deception Pass http://www.youtube....watch?v=FezsFM5AEsM
labtecpower's comment of "I shouldn't do that" made me laugh. [pyggy potamus, Feb 09 2008]

Spinning Bowl Swimming Pool Spinning_20Bowl_20Swimming_20Pool
[xaviergisz, Feb 09 2008]

Centripetal Tubular Anti-Gravitational Swimming Pool Centripetal_20Tubul...g_20Pool#1108390781
[xaviergisz, Feb 09 2008]


       sp: vertically.   

       There's no drain at the bottom I hope...
RayfordSteele, Feb 08 2008

       Well it is possible. If they can do it with mercury for telescopes, they can certainly do it with water, but wouldn't all the nausea ruin the fun? And it isn't really necessary as anyone with a small circular above ground pool would probably tell you, just have everyone run in a circle and you get the same effect. If that is too much work, add some water jets.
MisterQED, Feb 08 2008

       It seems to me that if it's spinning fast enough for the water to defeat gravity, it's spinning too fast for you to swim in it. I could be wrong.
phoenix, Feb 09 2008

       //either way, i want someone to build one and invite me to it.//   

       Naruto, Japan's whirlpools would love to have you over for a dip, don't forget to post pictures of your swim. :) [+]
pyggy potamus, Feb 09 2008

       I tried this in a small surface-mounted pool a few metres across. Several of us ran around the perimeter until the water was spinning enough to curve the surface of the water. Then the containing walls collapsed and the pool exploded.
wagster, Feb 09 2008

       That actually made me laugh so hard that I have a stomach ache.
xenzag, Feb 09 2008

       //Once it is spinning it wont take much energy to keep it going//   

       This is false. Shear stresses and friction between the adjacent layers of water moving at different speeds will provide an enormous energy sink in the moving water. You will have to work hard to keep it moving.
daseva, Feb 10 2008

       I did this once, on my honeymoon in the poconos, they had this little circular pool in the room, tun round and round, was fun, problem is that gravity is still there so you would have to swim uphill to be anywhere but at the exact center of such pool, sounds like a lot of work.
jhomrighaus, Feb 10 2008


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