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Pong Pool

Pong played on a pool table
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Potted all the balls? No more fifty pence pieces in your pocket? Pong Pool gifts you a little extra time to spend at the pool table. You and a friend stand opposite sides of the table. You cue the ball over to your opponent, he cues it back towards you and thus ensues the game.

Just as you mustn’t allow the ball to roll past your bat and off the side of the screen in the videogame Pong, you mustn’t allow the ball to hit your cushion in Pong Pool. Instead you must cue the ball back and hope to hit the cushion that your opponent is guarding. Play continues until somebody else’s fifty pence piece is placed on the side.

spiritualized, Jun 12 2005


       Sounds impossible to play, frankly. Most people can hit a cue ball pretty hard.
5th Earth, Jun 13 2005

       Or at least, very difficult. Onece the cue ball is moving at any kind of angle, hitting it while it remains moving becomes rather difficult.
hidden truths, Jun 13 2005

       In my hall at uni we're currently making a cover for the pool table to stop the felt getting ripped by pissed up bmocs, and that will double as a ping pong table. I thought this idea would be the same sort of thing.
Mad Dog, Jun 13 2005

       I would be concerned not so much about hitting the cueball but that it would jump off the table upon striking a cue at the wrong angle.
contracts, Jun 13 2005

       This would be so bad for the table. Every bored kid with not enough money is going to hack at the ball. Cues would take a beating from the ever harder attempts at getting the ball across, accidents with the cloth, annoyed people at the constant hacking.
Besides there is already a game where you must keep a disc from entering your goal go there if you don't have enough coins.

       P.s. this would do much to provoke anger from the person who's next coin is on the table.
Susan, Jun 13 2005

       // P.s. this would do much to provoke anger from the person who's next coin is on the table //   

       In that case we could dress things up as a surreal anti-capitalist demonstration.
spiritualized, Jun 13 2005

       At our local pool costs £1! :(
Helixthecat, Jan 15 2007


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