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Stereoscopic 'Excel Sheet' Pong

Concentrate closely on your work...
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This is a program which displays images which look like two excel charts, side-by-side. However, they are actually form a stereoscopically-hidden game of Pong.
RayfordSteele, Aug 14 2012

Random dot stereogram example http://en.wikipedia...Illustrated_example
Takes a bit of staring to see [CraigD, Aug 15 2012]


       Closely followed by "Stereoscopic Excel Porn"
hippo, Aug 14 2012

       Seems entirely workable to me. The non-moving wikipedia example already looks pong-like. I’d bet the folk who code the cool browser captions and Easter eggs at google could write it in under a week.   

       I think you’d have to produce the effect using a random-looking background/watermark, rather than the spreadsheet’s text and cell boundaries, or the moving squares and rectangles would be obvious in the normal eye focused images from the misalignment of spreadsheet text and borders, rather than looking like errant shifts in shading and lighting.   

       Downside: combining stereograms, which require you to miss-focus and cross you eyes, with a videogame that holds your attention for a long time, is almost certain to produce eyestrain of the torture of Prometheus-proportions, maybe even offering support for that old caution “if you keep doing that with your eyes, they’ll get stuck that way!”
CraigD, Aug 15 2012

       The right blend of pharmaceuticals will do this for you, without recourse to troublesome software.
8th of 7, Aug 15 2012

       sp. "Prometheus"   

       Don't worry, it's easier with hindsight.
pertinax, Aug 16 2012


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