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quantum pong

Heisenberg meets Atari
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The ball in the classic arcade game pong is treated with quantum mechanics. Thus players swat probability density clouds back and forth rather than a classical ball. Planck's constant would be an adjustable parameter of course and while we are at it we might as well make the speed of light adjustable too. Scoring would be based on the probability that the ball went by one of the player's paddles.
jnafziger, Nov 23 2006

Naf's Blog http://nafziger.blo...1/quantum-pong.html
A more detailed exploration of what quantum pong might look like. [jnafziger, Nov 23 2006, last modified Nov 25 2006]


       In a way, isn't all tennis (and baseball) like this? If the ball is out, there is a finite but nonzero chance that the linesman or umpire will call it "in". All you can really hope for is to hit the ball in such a way that it is *clearly* in bounds, not just "in probability" (as viewed by the umpire) in bounds.   

       Computer pong could be adjusted with a random fudge factor as well.
phundug, Nov 24 2006

       I like it, This just might be the new game of the future!
Acacia, Nov 25 2006


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