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Pony Tail Trimmer Hat

does just what it says
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Many people wear a cap with their pony tail hanging out through the adjustable gap at the back. Fit the gap with a pair of rollers, a small guillotine and a mileometer style measuring device and every time the cap is removed, the pony tail will pass through the rollers, the guillotine will trigger at exactly the same and the pony tail will be kept to the perfect length.
Harry Mudd, Jun 29 2007

One of many, many, many... Bolo_20Ponytail_20Fasteners
Lot's o' fasteners [blissmiss, Jun 29 2007]


       hmmmmm, now I have an image of a racehorse with a cap on its backside.
po, Jun 29 2007

       - a huge baseball cap, covering the top half of the racehorse, with its tail sticking out of the gap at the back, and its head sticking through a hole at the front (conveniently located to nibble sugarlumps from the pile sitting on the hat's visor (or sticky-out bit))?
hippo, Jun 29 2007

       (bill, rostrum or beak as I prefer)
skinflaps, Jun 29 2007

       [hippo] even better - have a sugarlump.
po, Jun 29 2007

       Mileometer? That's a lot of freakin' hair, man.
Noexit, Jun 29 2007

       Would it come with pony tail fasteners. You know, those thingies that we have about a gagillion ideas for?   

       I hope so;-)   

       I miss them...
blissmiss, Jun 29 2007

       I miss having long hair that could be ponytailed.
normzone, Jun 29 2007

po, Jun 29 2007

       Yer hand.
baconbrain, Jun 30 2007

       pony tail holder? rubber band? I give up...
blissmiss, Jul 01 2007


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