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Poo textured toilet bowl

Extending the "dirt-hiding countertop" concept
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If you like the idea of hiding dirt by disguising it with your countertop pattern, why not make a toilet the same way? Instead of glaring white gloss glaze, imagine a natural-patina semigloss mottled glaze, earthtone, in streaky patterns? A quick browse in any artisan fair will find you a ceramic artist making bowls with a shit- streaked kind of pattern.

The benefits are significant. What could be better than sitting down and letting rip knowing you can do your worst and no one will see the difference? How generous to houseguests who don't have to worry about reaching in and wiping skidmarks off the bowl by hand. Great for loflow toilets that don't quite get the job done.

If you find this disgusting, as I do, join me in crusading for the inverse: dirt revealing countertops. See separate idea post.

white, Sep 14 2009


       Great for April 1st eh?
Bad Jim, Sep 15 2009

       I'm pretty sure that when he said texture he meant it. I'm not going to pay for a crap texture and settle for a mere graphical pattern! And I want an air conditioner with an authentic smell too.
Bad Jim, Sep 15 2009

       soft oily rubber would be better than ceramic
pocmloc, Sep 15 2009

       //crusading for te inverse: //
Sp: teh
gnomethang, Sep 15 2009

       yes I am a CG guy - I confess. I did mean a smooth glazed ceramic surface ... Where the glaze looks like poo, but doesn't actually entrap bits of poo. Yechhhh. I'm concerned about the buns on this idea! Justify yourselves, poolovers! :)   

       Also: Is it proper halfbakery ettiquette to correct ones spelling and delete a comment that is spelling-only content, or is that akin to erasing evidence or rude?
white, Sep 16 2009

       If the comment was only a spelling correction, then I think you're OK to wipe it. Then wash your hands. Welcome, by the way. Oh, hang on, I see you've been here since July. Well, welcome anyway.
pertinax, Sep 17 2009

       would it be improper Halfbakery etiquette to [marked-for-deletion] grossout humor on a newbie? It was done to me so I'll take out my pain on youbie.
dentworth, Sep 17 2009

       MFD for gross ideas? whoo-ee!   

       Thanks again for all the comments people.
white, Sep 19 2011

       horrible... [+]
FlyingToaster, Sep 19 2011

       Maybe I've had too much medication tonight, but... [+]
Klaatu, Sep 19 2011

       By some oversight I never [+]’d this before.
pocmloc, Sep 19 2011

       What if you eat a lot of sweetcorn?
MaxwellBuchanan, Sep 19 2011

       Unless this is carved out of that mystical and odor eliminating Himalayan salt crystal, I think there will be a remaining indicator that the bowl is indeed unclean.
swimswim, Sep 19 2011

       Not at all, [ss]. See [Bad Jim], Sep 15 2009
pocmloc, Sep 19 2011

       Ugh. +
DIYMatt, Sep 20 2011


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