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bathroom bifocus light

LED Light bulb with UV frequency upper section
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This bathroom ceiling light bulb is the standard bulb shape similar to the new standard LED bulbs except for one powerful difference. The bulb has a ring of Ultraviolet light emitters at the base of the bulb close to the screw or bayonet connector.

The UV light emitters are angled to shine their light on the ceiling and top section of the wall. So say the top 175 x 360 degrees of the bulbs light sphere minus the volume where the bulb connects. The other 185x 360 degrees are lit by the standard LEDs. This bulb needs the orientation of hanging vertically in a bulb holder and to be non shaded.

The thought behind this idea is that the energized light will try to inhibit mould growth in this high moisture, low temperature environment. And of course, experimentation with new strains of mould is encourgaged.

One disclaimer, for the very tall, cool sun glasses, when using the bathroom, is advised.

wjt, Oct 22 2021

Info about UVC sterilisation light sources https://www.light-s...face-sterilization/
Info about the wide use of UVC light sources for commercial sterilisation of spaces [TonyDeaf, Oct 26 2021]


       Is a sterilising UV light safe for human consumption?   

       Is a human eye safe UV light any good for inhibiting mould?   

       You could wipe down the walls and ceiling with a cloth every few years, that helps inhibit the more bulbous and puffy moulds.
pocmloc, Oct 23 2021

       //human safe//   

Voice, Oct 23 2021

       Rethinking about the positions mould grows, High intensity UV is probably overkill, just levels of EM waves equivalent to a very sunny the day at the beach is needed. Tolerable to most humans. Probably the biproduct of raising surface temperatures on ceiling/walls is in the equation as well.
wjt, Oct 24 2021

       Get a tan while I shower [+]
sninctown, Oct 24 2021


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