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Tub Drain Dam

For a toe-soak, of course
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This Idea was inspired by [TomP]'s "Toe Sprayer", and is a much simpler alternative.

This device is a gadget that plugs into a bathtub drain-hole, but it has a drain-hole in it. Think of it as a simple piece of flexible tubing just big enough in diameter to tightly fit in the tub-drain. A mere centimeter-or-so of its length sticks above the tub-floor.

Now when you take a shower, the tub can't drain until enough water collects (that is, a centimeter-or-so of water depth) to go over the top if the tubing/"dam" and thence down the drain.

Your toes, of course, can get a thorough soaking in that "reservoir" of water while you wash the rest of your body under the shower.

When done --or almost done-- you simply pull the tubing out of the drain hole, let the shallow reservoir empty, and rinse your feet. The way they brag about how various soaps can lift dirt right off of whatever-you-want-to-clean, and assuming you use that sort of soap, then you might now indeed be done cleaning yourself, including the toes.

Vernon, Dec 03 2012

Telescopic Sink Plug Hole Telescopic_20Sink_20Plug_20Hole
[tatterdemalion, Dec 04 2012]


       I already have this, except the tub drain dam is made of an accretion of hair, soap scum and mysterious blackened bits of paper. Instead of pulling the tubing one simply bemoans the inability of the tub to drain properly and wades out after completing other abultions.
bungston, Dec 03 2012

       that's... not... paper!   

       Some of our lab sinks have plugs similar to this (but taller - maybe 20cm), allowing the sink to fill but not overflow. I have no idea why.
MaxwellBuchanan, Dec 03 2012

       I think I'm going to build one of these, with a bathtub plug and a few inches of hose from my beer-making equipment.
normzone, Dec 03 2012

       //Some of our lab sinks have plugs similar to this (but taller - maybe 20cm), allowing the sink to fill but not overflow. I have no idea why.//   

       Our largest victorian bathtub uses this system for overflow prevention as well.
TomP, Dec 03 2012

       If you have a wife and three daughters this happens automagically...
4whom, Dec 03 2012

       Having noted the peculiarities of thin laminar objects to wrap around things, i have designed a sacrificial axle in my drain. Works like a charm. The idea was, unfortunately, too good to post here.   

       I even named it "tHair-but-for- the-grace-of-god-go-i"
4whom, Dec 03 2012

       I put my heel over the plug hole.... this achieves a pleasing mini-shower-tray-bath effect. I can happily swoosh one foot around to my heart's content. The other foot I call 'control'.
bs0u0155, Dec 04 2012

       What [MB] said- known to exist in many laboratory environments, and some medical ones.
8th of 7, Dec 04 2012

       Thoroughly known to exist, not just in labs, but also darkrooms (do they still have those?).
DrCurry, Dec 04 2012

       There's one just down the road from my home - they do restoration and repair, or you can rent darkroom time and they will coach you in printing your own.
normzone, Dec 04 2012


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