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Poogone car accessory

Water jets that run across the roof of your car
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Time for a rewrite. These are like the windscreen washer jets but they line up on either side of your car rooftop. The jets deliver a spray of water as you drive, and the wind blows the water and the muck off the top and probably onto the car behind you. But what of it, I have a clean car roof now.
dentworth, Dec 21 2015

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       I'm sure this is about bird droppings.
Vernon, Dec 21 2015

       In Australia if a bird drops one on your car you dump her and try to date someone else.
AusCan531, Dec 21 2015

       Wow, you've got pretty high standards for an Okker ...
8th of 7, Dec 22 2015

       [ bigsleep] my current vehicle is sleek and lovely. I'm just glad it's not a convertible. This design would not work on a ragtop.
dentworth, Dec 23 2015

       Needs a better name. Sounds like Chinese food. I'm thinking, will get back to this later. (Shit-Shots?)
blissmiss, Dec 23 2015

       I thought about using "A Poogone Conclusion"
dentworth, Dec 23 2015

       //do you drive an old car that could be confused with a toilet ?//   

       I once rode a bus with a urinal that consisted of a hole open to the road below.
Voice, Dec 24 2015

       Yes, the Belgians have never really grasped the concept of sanitation ...
8th of 7, Dec 24 2015


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