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Formicidae Car Cleaning Center

Cleaning of car using driver (army) ants
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I'll be brief. My idea is to use under-utilized insect species. I saw some ants dragging a crispy brown McDonald's french fry and I had a half-baked thought. I have lots of fries under my car seats that I simply cannot get at...but an ant...

Just imagining leaving your dirty car overnight in at the Formicidae Center. Driver ants are introduced into the car's interior in order to clean it of all food. (fries, crumbs, jellies, etc.) The car is cleaned of all food matter, and then the ant move on to the next vehicle.

Monty6, Nov 22 2007

Army Ant House Cleaning Service http://rafken.hubpa...ouse-Tropical-Style
[goldbb, Mar 07 2012]


       How will you get them to do what you want?   

       They will have to be very hungry to remove all of the food.
BJS, Nov 22 2007

       Army Ant --> GIAnt?
Ling, Nov 22 2007

       GIant, clever, as for getting them to do what I want--chemical scent...I don't know...I just make this crap up.
Monty6, Nov 24 2007

       You can't make this crap up.
normzone, Mar 05 2012

       //and then the ant move on to the next vehicle// She'll need a break, shirley?
MaxwellBuchanan, Mar 05 2012


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