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Shake It Off, Chitti!

Car that shakes off snow.
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Adapt the hydraulic technologies that are used to make "low riders" hop and bounce down the roads to shed a layer of snow.

Upon noticing that the car is covered with a thick layer of snow, the prospective motorist presses a button on a remote control to activate this system. The engine starts up and as the car is warming up the hydraulic struts engage in a series of maneuvers similar to those of a wet dog. This sheds the snow while the engine and passenger compartment warm up. When the driver presses the button again, or simply opens the door, the shaking stops.

Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 13 2006

renault scenic - family pet http://www.visit4in...aultScenicRange.cfm
...with no sub woofer [po, Mar 13 2006]


       You could call it Herbie.
skinflaps, Mar 13 2006

       Don't leave your coffee on the roof.
egbert, Mar 13 2006

       Naw, not Herbie. Lindsay Lohan would get involved and ruin it.   

       And no, you don't leave your coffee on the roof. Well not more than once. Or the baby.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 13 2006

       I will bun this one based on the cleverness of the idea but from a practical standpoint I don't think that its possible to use this without shaking the car apart.
Jscotty, Mar 13 2006

       Just fit a whopping great subwoofer into the back of the vehicle, insert some techno, turn it on and watch the snow melt.
skinflaps, Mar 13 2006

       If you run heating elements just under the "skin" of the car then you could melt the layer of snow that glues it to the car. Then you wouldn't have to shake quite so hard that pieces of car go flying by into the neighbor's window, the snow would just slide right off.
NotTheSharpestSpoon, Mar 13 2006

       Slow motion footage reveals that a dog shaking itself deploys a complex head to tail reciprocating/spiralling type of motion. Watching a car doing something similar would be most excellent, but even better would be watching a long bus, full of unsuspecting, drunken, football supporting, boneheads. The driver would simply step outside and operate the system with a variable speed remote control - (set on max). As the front of the bus lurched violently in a clockwise direction, those at the back would be flung against the opposite windows, their heads sticking to the panes with a mixture of curried chips and vomit. (sorry getting carried way with joy of the illusion)   

       A big fat bun for you GC, for a very clever idea +
xenzag, Mar 13 2006

       There was a (UK) tv advertisement, where the car had a mind of its own in the driveway, that wag'd it's windscreen wiper and shook, even drove around abit in the driveway.   

       Can't remember the make of car, no doubt someone will remember this.
skinflaps, Mar 13 2006

       There was a US ad for an SUV that, back from some off-road expedition that leaves it covered in mud, shakes itself clean, depositing the mud all over the house, the garden and the driver and passenger.
DrCurry, Mar 13 2006

       That was for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. The car used in the tv spot was a black Overland. (sad, sad, sad man - goes back to watching tv).
methinksnot, Mar 13 2006

       Sorry, I don't understand how an SUV would get mud on it. Child vomit and spilled Latte, yes, but not mud.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 13 2006

       Picking up the kids after rugger practice?
methinksnot, Mar 13 2006

       Galbinus_Caeli: farmland in your area must be one mighty bizarre place...
DrCurry, Mar 13 2006

       All the farmers around here drive pickup trucks and take great joy in parking manure spreaders as close as possible to $65,000 bimbo boxes.
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 13 2006

       This could be another use for my ice explosives.
juliec2, Mar 13 2006

       I think there was a scene featured in the Herbie movie preview where the car shakes itself like a dog to rid its shell of mud.   

       The description of this idea and the image of the commercial are remarkably similar, but...
jellydoughnut, Mar 14 2006

       I wish everyone to know that the only "Herbie" movie I have ever seen, I saw in 1978, that I do not watch television commercials, that is why I have a PVR, and that on my only visit to the UK I spent so little time outside of a pub that I could not tell you how many wheels most cars in England have, much less whether they can wag their wipers.   

       (If that country were ever to run out of alcohol the resulting hang over will likely result in them declaring war on Belgium for being too noisy in the morning..)
Galbinus_Caeli, Mar 14 2006


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