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Full body car wiper

Full body car wiper
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Prerequisite: Produce a car that is shaped like half of a sphere or half an oval.

Then attach a full body wiper at the center of both sides of the car. The wiper runs from the center of one side around the front to the center of the other side. The majority of the full body wiper is stored in the front bumper area. When used it runs from the front of the car all the way over the top to the rear bumper, and then back to the front and stored again.

This wiper has strong water jets across its full length to aid in cleaning and help to prevent scratching. It is fully automated and powered by the car.

It is not a replacement for regular windsheild wipers.

dagoikoi, Jan 29 2004

I recomend half of an oblate spheroid http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oblate
[BJS, Dec 05 2007]


       wouldn't it get tangled with your regular wipers?
po, Jan 29 2004

       //Prerequisite: Produce a car that is shaped like half of a sphere or half an oval. //   

       You could try it out on the new VW Bugs ...
Letsbuildafort, Jan 29 2004

       Gonna be an expensive unit to replace once a year, but as little as I care for my car's exterior, it would probably help it's appearance.
normzone, Jan 29 2004

       Certainly would cut down on window maintenance time. It may or may not work. I have no doubt this thing would catch birds or tree branches or whatever. Not to mention, you cannot use the top for cargo carrying. Oh and skip the sphere-mo-bile, just make it ovalesque.
k_sra, Jan 29 2004

       What if it somehow folded into the vehicle when not in use? Wouldn't get caught on anything.
krigre55, Dec 05 2007


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