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Pool Bioluminesence

Inspired by firefly call
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Find the conditions that promote bioluminecent plankton growth and introduce them to a pool environment, add your plankton and go for a swim at night, any disturbed water will glow bright blue. I've been swimming in bioluminesent water and it is amazing, all the water you touch glows in a halo around you, would be a big seller in pools.
Gulherme, Sep 15 2002

BioToy H2OGlow http://www.biotoy.com/h2oglow.htm
Protein mix makes tapwater glow - about a glas's full for $9.99. Ask for bulk discount? [jutta, Sep 15 2002]

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       You'll have to find something else than chlorine, bromine, etc. to hold down the bacteria count.
FarmerJohn, Sep 15 2002

       The bioluminesecent animals themselves could prey on bacteria.
Gulherme, Sep 16 2002

       Quinine (as found in tonic water) glows prettily under UV... cheaper than protein mix! You wouldn't get a halo or wake though. Croissant all the same
humble savant, Sep 16 2002

       // You'll have to find something else than chlorine, bromine, etc. to hold down the bacteria count //   

       "Swim in glowing yoghurt" . Hmmmm.   

       Now, Gulherme, have we been taking our medication regularly, like we promised Doctor ? We don't want to go back in the Special Treatment Room, do we ?
8th of 7, Sep 16 2002

       To clean it you just set the skin aflame, a la Lake Erie.
RayfordSteele, Sep 17 2002

       This idea is getting better and better.
General Washington, Sep 17 2002

       ahh the sweet smell of cat urine. Yeah using quinine would be pretty cool, one of my friends has a pool with underwater lights, maby I could convince him to put in blacklight globes and put some quinine in the pool, does anybody know what affects it would have on the pool.
Gulherme, Sep 17 2002

       The pool would never get malaria.
8th of 7, Sep 17 2002

       If you're going to put quinine in the pool, why not go the whole hog and fill it up with gin & tonic?
calum, Sep 17 2002

       Being able to play pool in the dark could be useful, but I worry that I'd knock my beer over while cueing. If Bioluminesceent Beer was provided too, this idea might work.
hippo, Sep 17 2002

       If you had CO2 being fired into the pool to soda it up, surely the carbonic acid thus produced would help kill bacteriums? And it would be ooh tickly to swim in. Lovely bubbly.
General Washington, Sep 17 2002

       lets hope no one's got a serious allergy to the bioluminescent bacteria. another serious problem, what if they got into "various orfices" and gave you a glowing... well you know
whatastrangeperson, Nov 23 2003

       you're not safe even in the office these days.
po, Nov 23 2003

       Something other than chlorine, bromine, etc - salt?
yamahito, Nov 23 2003


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