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Popcorn Furniture

Use corn resources
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Couches made of popcorn, big lounge chairs, a whole bar made of popcorn. It condenses well, fluffes when you want and is really pretty cheap. Also, ultimately quite nice for the environment as its easily recyclable by cattle.
Floppo, Oct 11 2003


       I'd get butter butt.
Cedar Park, Oct 11 2003

neilp, Oct 11 2003

       I'd get saltpeter.
FarmerJohn, Oct 11 2003

       I'd get fatter
po, Oct 11 2003

       Ha! You should have seen the reaction my "Shrink-wrapped Popcorn" got. Hope this does better.
phoenix, Oct 11 2003

       Everything did worse in the old days.
FarmerJohn, Oct 11 2003

       Even better: Pop corn clothing. Needs no washing, eat your sleeves if you get hot and hungry, partner will be pleased to undress you, easy to make.
Pericles, Oct 11 2003

       In what way would popcorn clothing be easy to make? I nearly had a aneurysm trying to imagine how to make a working popcorn loom.
friendlyfire, Oct 11 2003

       Easy, [friendlyfire]. All you need is a needle and some cord to sew the popcorn together in all sorts of designs. We do it all the time down here for cheap costumes, dyed in different colors.
Pericles, Oct 11 2003

       Dang, what a visual. Popcorn bikinis, has a definite ring to it.   

       You'd need a big oven to inflate 'em though.
Loris, Aug 08 2005

       youcould even add funky syrup to them, like honey syrup on the right arm char, strawberry syrup on the left armchair, salty at the bottom, sweet at the top, and once you've eaten your way through that, u can cook some more and change the syrup again!!!!
chocolateraindrops, Aug 09 2005


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