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clothes for big guys "potbellies"
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How about pants for men with potbellies strecthing material like womens maternity pants but strecth would be located in rear so front countours but looks normal. any comments
bigpoppa163, Jul 11 2008


Voice, Jul 11 2008

       Comments? OK, learn to spell, punctuate, and use capital letters properly, please.   

       sp: pot-bellies, stretching, women's, stretch, contours.   

       Thang kew, i'fe eel sew mutch bettor, know.
Canuck, Jul 11 2008

       Does it store poop?
daseva, Jul 11 2008

       It's tough being a potbellied man. I know, because I have had to look at a good many of them. And, yes the large poppa is correct in that trousers are an issue. While the slender male is afforded a certain latitude in waistband height, from the lo-slung favoured by emo teens, through the sensibly mid-positioned office worker fashion, to the just above the waist "Simon Cowell" steez, the fat man is pretty much buggered. Either their trousers sit below the pendulous pannus of fat(*) or across where the waist would, on a slimmer version of the self, be. Neither option works. The low method has arse-exposure risks and, as well as risking revealing to all and sundry the pasty flab below too-short shirts, generally makes the portly gentleman in question look slovenly. The round-the-imagined-waist approach, on the other hand, draws attention to the gut, with it's equatorially bisecting line, enhancing the apparent planetoidal form of the wearer. What I am saying is, I guess, that fat people - really fat people, that is - are ill-served by traditional fashion forms and therefore it is up to some enterprising type to develop and market an entirely new tubby cotoure paradigm.   

       * this is a bungston-ism and one of the best phrases I have ever read. I have been waiting some years for a chance to plagiarise/pay homage to it.
calum, Jul 11 2008

       The stretch material option wouldn't really help matters. As calum so eloquently points out, it would merely draw attention to that which is to be disguised.

I feel that a move away from clothes that are designed to fit or even hug the body is called for. Perhaps something along the lines of a large cardboard box with holes cut in it for your head and arms? That should do the trick nicely I feel.
DrBob, Jul 11 2008

       Indeed, it is a strange disposed time:
But men may construe things after their fashion,
Clean from the purpose of the things themselves.
Cicero, scene iii
from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (of course)
xenzag, Jul 11 2008

       Upon what meat doth this our Caesar feed,
That he is grown so great?

Cassius, Act 2 Scene 1
from Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare (of course, of course)
DrBob, Jul 11 2008

       The box form, as the House of Bob puts forth, has some merit. Pleasing side effects include an increase in apparent robotness and a more clearly delineated area of personal space. I suppose the downsides would be chafing and the lack of room for expansion (though this is not particular to la box-forme, as they call in in Goole). These downsides could be amerliorated by use of taffeta and perhaps also mohair.   

       La Maison d'Malky, on the other hand, is in favour of adopting and adapting the phoncho paradigm, this form allowing for such innovations as roman blind-style length adjustnment and accessorisation by way of switchable-detatchable velcro flap fasteners. with the poncho, the chafing issue becomes interdermal, rather than fabric based. Gusts, however, become vexatious.
calum, Jul 11 2008

       To assist in reducing gust-induced vexation, may I offer a third option (really a honing, or gentle adjustment of the Malkian House of Poncho) which we might describe as Casa Tom - put simply: toga.   

       A toga of fine wool, cotton or linen would allow more voluptuous gentlemen to enrobe themselves (literally) in great loops, swirls and folds of fine flowing fabrics, accentuating the noble and classical nature of their more generously developed forms.
zen_tom, Jul 11 2008

       Please allow me to be the first person to welcome you BTW
Voice, Jul 12 2008

       ...But did you read his profile? His profile *is* this idea.
I can't figure how the stretch in the butt-side wouldn't pull the front side and look normal. (?) (Then I can't stop laughing at [daseva]'s comment...
xandram, Jul 12 2008

       //any comments//   

       For starters, from a marketing perspective I think the term "pants" is widely used and unlikely to be brand-able.
How'bout Girthbrooks denim-wear for country folk.
and O.B. City-wear for those near the downtown core?

       Some of us solve the problem by working behind a desk until everyone else has gone home.   

       Maybe some sort of fat shielding desk or clipboard to go along with your line of pants.   

       No wonder you left after only one idea, the almost nasty comments can be a big shock, even if you have read the site and think your prepared for it. It's not a personal attack, even if it feels that way. Sorry.
popbottle, Nov 03 2015

       They have nylon stretch pants that are cooler than sweat pants.
travbm, Nov 03 2015

       a) Find a cardboard box, big enough to hold the belly.
b) Cut a belly-shaped hole in the top
c). Insert belly.

       Now you're just some trim dude walking around, carrying a box.
FlyingToaster, Nov 03 2015

       I thought it was trav who churned this up for sure but no! Popbottle! I am so glad. There are good annos here.   

       /Just a trim dude carrying a box!/
bungston, Nov 03 2015


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