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Pelt Barbie

Real fur coats---for Barbie.
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Pelt Barbie, she deserves it. As much as she has given us, don't you think she should own no less than an authentic fur coat. How you say? Vermin. That's right. One hampster, skinned and dried, would make a lovely addition to the Barbie ensamble. I'm thinking.....if you didn't want to partake in the slaying, you could sell a 'live' hampster complete with a kit. Instructions for the death process, poper skinning procedures, and, of course, a nice pattern to tailor your fur to your specifications. Perhaps a needle and thread for further development of Home Ecc. skills. You see, this is a wonderful kit. And....if the purchaser of the kit decides to opt for pet instead of fur coat furnisher, there is no loss revenue for the manufacturer and no liabilty. It is the choice of the 'kit' family whether or not to become involved with the potential NO FAUX.
fisher, Feb 12 2003

(?) $9.95 in 1964-65 - $1,000.00 now http://members.trip...is/barbiefash13.htm
[thumbwax, Oct 04 2004]

It's "hamster". HAMSTER. http://dictionary.r...earch?q=hamster&r=2
[my face your, Oct 04 2004]


skinflaps, Feb 12 2003

       You give no reason for your disdain, hence I am left to assume that you are one of those people---you know, the ones who run the reel, seeing little Ham P. Ster returning home from his long day on the exercise wheel to his three(make that 50) furry, frolicking, children, to tuck them in and read them the latest issue of Pooh Bear. If you think that there is NOT a kind soul out there that would not snuggle their prized, top glass shelf Barbie up in a authentic fur.....well just ask your friendly Postal Carrier if, per chance, they have an obsessive patron that receives some little boxed dolly every week......or so. Go ahead ASK them. You'll be frightened.
fisher, Feb 12 2003

       Oh,i must apologise, i only read the title which is suggesting to strike or assail Barbie repeatedly.
skinflaps, Feb 12 2003

       I read this as satirical, so I give it a croissant.
snarfyguy, Feb 12 2003

       Long ago baked. Mattel sold mink stoles for its Barbie line in the 60s. She's "animal friendly" now, though.
waugsqueke, Feb 13 2003

       //Imagine my surprise//   

       You checked?
FloridaManatee, Feb 13 2003

       How about a miniature can of spray paint for Green Peace Ken.   

       There's a commercial on TV in the US lately. It's for the Jeep Liberty, which is shown driving across an ice floe and encountering a small harp seal, making lonely noises. The driver gets out, goes to the back of the car and takes out a big pole. He walks over to the seal, raises the pole over his head, and brings it down sharply.   

       Then the camera angle cuts to reveal the bottom of the pole is smashing a hole through the ice, up through which the seal's mother pops, and a happy reunion occurs. The driver smiles, gets back in the Liberty and drives off.
waugsqueke, Feb 13 2003

       So while you sat in front of the TV, watching the Jeep commercial, you turned away....right? I mean, there wasn't a part of you that held your breathe slightly, and was glued to the tubed, waiting, secretly hoping that Jeep had crossed the tact barrier? No? Liar. Come on, you sheepishly turn you shoulder and tuck your plate while they air the 'Help starving children' ads. Feeling momentarily gluttonous, then remembering they can't possibly SEE you, you shovel again. If there is money to be made........you can justify.
fisher, Feb 13 2003

       Jeep _did_ cross the tact barrier, I think. The ad made me angry. As a former resident of the Canadian Maritimes, I am all too familiar with the horror that is the annual seal hunt (which is still going on, by the way, kids). I have some major issues with even referencing this kind of cruelty in a commercial.   

       Don't call me a liar.
waugsqueke, Feb 13 2003

       What I have caught, fishing for your emotion, is a vehement defense of the seals, yet nair a mention of the starving children note. Interesting. I relent the Liar comment, because you obviously watched the entire commercial and never denied this action. Interesting. Why is it we watch? What would you have done had it been a seal killing? Oh, you don't own a Jeep, per chance?
fisher, Feb 13 2003

       No mention of starving children because the idea is about fur pelts. And no, I don't own a Jeep.
waugsqueke, Feb 13 2003

       Gosh GUYS, I never knew a debate originating in the BARBIE realm could esculate into such casualties. Let me tell you about Herbie, my beloved, belated hamster. (note the correct spelling-thank you). You see....Herbie died. And I, in my meager way, was attempting to immortalize his act of BEING by becoming the first Barbie Pelt. (Maybe the 'Pelt' comment should not be used anymore.) Anyway, I love seals, I love rats, I even kinda have sensitive pulses for spiders.(Given they don't come to close). I do not, however, have much desire to have my dedication to poor, un-involved Herbie to become your MEANS...... but.....I do suggest a refree and a site.....I love to bet the odds.....Peace my brothers........
fisher, Feb 13 2003

       You all owe Herbie an earnest apology. Later, when I am focused, I will attempt to contact him from the ummm ya know other side, and inquire as to what your retribution should be. Or if you are all doomed to be over run by rodents.   

       Hey that's a poem ready to be written.....over run by rodents, who were just running for their cause.....scaring away the others, eaten by their own mothballs......   

       good huh?
fisher, Feb 13 2003

       Looks like sleepy just went up in smoke.
FarmerJohn, Feb 13 2003

       ya know, check out the fisher place. I think I came on board only a few days ago.....and now.....NOW....I not only mourn Herbie, but my 'idea' was also the death place for 'sleepygrass'--who I kinda liked-----.....   

       is it me?   

       I wasn't really going to kill hamsters, if anyone is listening and would like to release me from the curse.........   

       I guess the first fruits are to be aware that people have more than one entity here.....weird.....is this self support and bread boostings?
fisher, Feb 13 2003


       Anyroad i still think the title reads wrong,surely the two words should be the other way around?
skinflaps, Feb 13 2003

       Any other circumstances I would surely rebuke with a witty explanation and blue face until I won you over......but, I've lost my spunk after all this and I shall simply fold....Barbie Pelt it is...
fisher, Feb 13 2003


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