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Religious Art Toaster

Bless you, my child.
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Given the penchant of the Xian faithful for seeing religious imagery burned onto the surface of farinaceous offerings, and the apparent scarcity of such observations by the adherents of other faiths, UBCo has identified a clear opportunity in the market.

The Religious Art Toaster provides uplifting and stimulating imagery for all of the major religions...

- Icons on black rye, in Bryansk
- Buddhas on roti, in Raghunathpur
- Quranic calligraphy on Pide, in Istanbul
- Shinto deities on Yakimochi, in old Kyoto
- Etc

For those faiths where the afterlife sometimes involves a little too much heat, there is a feature where your toast may randomly turn to smoke.

UnaBubba, Mar 03 2021

Perfect for these. Shroud_20of_20Turin_20Pop_20Tarts
[tatterdemalion, Mar 03 2021]

The Jesus Toaster https://www.amazon....QRYO8/?tag=ebaho-20
[bs0u0155, Mar 03 2021]


       + Yeah and especially for the last sentence!
xandram, Mar 03 2021

       Religious Art Toaster Toaster: it's a reliquary / warming oven that perpetually stores the toaster in a pre-heated state, such that when the toaster is needed a triptych is opened and the toaster slides out with coils already glowing.
sninctown, Mar 03 2021

       Religious art toaster toaster toaster: burn [sninc]'s device in a paxyorism of iconoclasm
pocmloc, Mar 03 2021

       There seems to be a Jesus specific toaster <link>. If you ever get the chance to go to Lourdes in France, I'd recommend it. In general it's quite a pretty little area, but some of the merchandise on sale is staggeringly craptastic. We bought my grandmother a frying pan that has Jesus' face appear when it heats up. We didn't tell her, she thought she was having visions, it was great. You can also get Mary Ninja Throwing Stars.
bs0u0155, Mar 03 2021


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