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Popproof Paper Bubbloon

Cheap. Safe. Fun!
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I was inspired by the linked video in which the Mythbusters use dishwasher soap to contain methane and produce a column of bubbles.

I propose a balloon full of lift gas bubbles would be good in many respects. The problem with big balloons is that if they leak or pop they let out the lift gas and then fall. Generating bubbles to contain lift gas would be a good way to prevent calamitous loss of gas. Also a balloon full of helium soap bubbles could be made of waxed paper or plastic wrap that was not particularly airtight, and so cheap.

I think there a ways to generate soap bubbles that set and are then permanent. That might be good, or maybe too fussy - dishwashing liquid should suffice.

bungston, Oct 15 2009

Mythbusters bubble column http://www.viddler....oopytube/videos/40/
[bungston, Oct 15 2009]

How the balloon works http://www.balloons...w-the-balloon-works
[pashute, Aug 15 2016]


       What you need is a way to pump those bubbles into other bubbles, etc.
phoenix, Oct 15 2009

       I think big dirigibles have seperate gas-bags inside them. There is, alas, a weight penalty, though.
MaxwellBuchanan, Oct 15 2009

       I was thinking about how this might fail. Bubbles would pop and liberate lift gas which would collect at the top of the balloon. Loose bubble liquid would collect at the bottom. A pump routing loose gas from the top down through the liquid collected at the bottom would generate more bubbles and keep lift gas safely in bubbles.
bungston, Oct 19 2009

       Police seal ink
pashute, Aug 15 2016


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