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Porn Bomb

another scheme to overthrow the world
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This is similar to the "get everyone in the world to walk in the same direction and slow the earth" thing, except that it uses pornography.

Contract your programming skills out to the highest strong man who leads a developing nation and create a pornographic video that is both really good (crowdsourcing, AI), and articulated by intersticing borring parts with awesome parts in a rhythmic pattern so that watchers will lean forward all at the same time if they are watching in real time.

Then create a series of less awesome porn videos that lead up to the final real time porn video.

Then tell the strong man to threaten super powers that he will release the porn bomb unless they refocus world wide reparations efforts onto his country.

Then make the porn bomb series and escape to Austrailia with the porn actors who will have been carefully chosen by you to be the first several of a computer aided assessment of the hotness of all of the chicks in the world, to join you in a global temerature control technology in the form of a psychedelic labrary in the middle of the Austrailian Outback that studies the composition, interaction with humans, and behavior in water droplets of the various and ever developing psychedelic family of substances, which will also include a continuation of the original porn bomb video, in real time, high in the sky, above the newly formed sea which will grow around the Shulgin Labrary experiment/Porn Bomb Video Extension, in the middle of Austrailia.


JesusHChrist, Jan 08 2017


       Sadly, I read it.
FlyingToaster, Jan 08 2017

       Well, at least we didn't waste any paragraph breaks.
normzone, Jan 08 2017

pocmloc, Jan 09 2017

       That's where you tear it away.
FlyingToaster, Jan 09 2017

       What if not everyone's computer/desk is in the same orientation?
notexactly, Jan 10 2017

       You just reminded me to look for pictures of naked people online, thanks!
beanangel, Jan 10 2017


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