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Porn Circus

Combine two popular forms of entertainment!
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Why is there no porn circus yet (as far as I can tell)? Some friends and I got to an oral sex on horseback question on a purity test and we realized to lose our points for it, we'd have to engage in some trick riding, which led to the porn circus idea. Please keep in mind all sex in the circus would involve humans only. Besides sex on horseback, there would be nude trapeze artists, nude contortionists (like in Henry and June), live slapstick porn (instead of clowns; clown sex sounds frightening), chinese acrobatic sex, dildo juggling (I know that sounds ridiculous), some kind of sex-related magic act, et cetera.
dj_photon, Oct 17 2001

(?) Nerve.com: Bindlestiff Family Circus http://www.nerve.co...eshowThrob/main.asp
"Over the years, Stephanie has extended her performance skills in some wild directions - cracking a precision whip, walking on stilts, flexing her vaginal muscles for the notorious dildo plate-spinning routine that (depending on the venue; it's illegal in some areas) closes the show." [jutta, Oct 17 2001]

Zumanity! The sensual side of Cique du Soleil.. http://www.zumanity.../en/intro/intro.asp
Not as 'extreme' but this show was quite! erotic. I loved it! I think I'd only laugh at oral on horseback, I'm sorry. [xkuntay, Mar 11 2009]


       Is 'it' back under a new nic?
thumbwax, Oct 17 2001

       //Please keep in mind all sex in the circus would involve humans only// Phew. I thought for a second there this would be some sort of sick, stupid, degrading fucken idea. Whoah, could have looked silly there.
sdm, Oct 17 2001

       well, you can do all that and more in the comfort of your own home. Making it public is also, I do believe, an entirely baked concept. Only this particular marketing of the activity is your own 'idea', and I think we agreed elsewhere that "do 'x' with 'y' and call it 'g'" is not grounds for a halfbakery post.
lewisgirl, Oct 17 2001

       mental note - do a search for human zoo
po, Oct 17 2001

       Sheesh, chill already, folks. This is both a valid suggestion and in part implemented.
jutta, Oct 17 2001

       Rods_Tiger: Explain those links now. You can't've just cobbled them together since you saw this idea. And you can't just dump them on the rest of us and expect us to just go back to our normal lives. (The pro-clown porn article is hilarious. Yet slightly disturbing.)
pottedstu, Oct 17 2001

       Yes, sex on horseback is difficult but can be accomplished....wait, what was the question again? ;-)
Susen, Oct 17 2001

       Excellent idea, dj! I've always had a thing for those circus ladies. Question: will the bearded lady and the fat lady be involved?
mrthingy, Oct 18 2001

       haha yes!   

       and there would be an entire "sideshow" section too.   

       i heard about this french woman with not one bone in her entire body (except her skull) who was involved in a sideshow act in the 1920's.   

screwdriverqueen, Dec 17 2002

       Yeah a porn freak show would be cool.   

       I forgot all about the pingpong ball stunt in Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, that would be interesting.   

       Sure, bearded ladies, fat ladies, everything your regular circus has except the clowns.
dj_photon, Jun 29 2003

       I agree with Jutta   

       and I have to go a step further by saying that it feels wrong to leave the animals out.   

       Who wouldn't pay money to see someone try and have sex with a lion in a public forum. The fact is you wouldn't get to see the act of intercourse you would just get to see an attempt that would end very badly.
vfrackis, Mar 10 2009


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