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PortaSoft PDA

Its like a portable desktop for your pda!
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Why don't PDA manufactures create a PDA, that when connected by USB, is detected as a typical mass storage device.

This means as soon as you insert the PDA, in a foreign computer, a portable "PDA manager" appears. This also allows you to backup/restore the pda using another flash disk on a guest computer. This is in addition to modifying any address, timetables, or updating the email in and out boxes.

It also allows you to access the flash memory of your PDA so you don't have to bring your flash disk.

This is almost the same and more than a typical U3 flash disk.

mofosyne, May 24 2008

Nokia 770 http://europe.nokia.com/A4145104
The Nokia 770 is a little but obsolete now since the 800 and 810 came out, but when you connect it via USB to a PC it simply reads the MMC card. (I know you're after the flash memory on the device) [Jinbish, May 24 2008]


       If you anticipate access to a "guest PC", export the PDA data to a USB Thumb Drive (running a freeware portable PIM), encrypted, and leave the PDA at home.   

       Some newer PalmOne PDAs have "USB Drive Mode", to become a external drive. But the largest PDA I own has a 4GB internal drive and 2GB external memory, so storage for extra PC software is limited. In order for a portable "PDA Manager" to operate, you'd also need to install any 3rd party programs (such as a password manager).   

       While away from your own PC, you can backup/restore the PDA from a memory card inside the PDA. It's convenient to type info into the PDA using a PC, and there are programs that show the Palm screen on the PC monitor (turning the PC into PDA remote access). That software could be on a flash drive.
Amos Kito, May 24 2008


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