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RTG palm

Use an RTG or Atomic Battery to keep the Dram active and/or charge the battery
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Simple idea, add a *small* lightweight RTG made from phosphorous, americium-241 and substances which dissolve the phosphorous and americium-241, then use solar cells to produce a * small * amount of power.

You could use the power to keep to DRAM working or trickle charge the lithium ion battery, If large enough it could even power the PDA!

angry_scientist, Dec 18 2003

Radioisotopic Thermoelectric Generator http://www.acronymf...g=exact&Acronym=RTG
from acronymfinder.com [st3f, Oct 04 2004]


       Just to clarify, this idea is for a nuclear battery for a PDA? But why would you need solar cells as well?
kropotkin, Dec 18 2003

       {kropotkin} it would use solar cells because the “nuclear battery” uses phosphorous and americium-241, which when mixed well, radiate * light * which then is converted into electricity by solar cells
angry_scientist, Dec 18 2003

       {humanbean} First off, alpha particles (produced by cheap americium-241) cannot penetrate a piece of paper, i would think that it would not Penetrate the solar cells, or anything else.   

       The cells are expensive- see Mylar, but if only I could get a patent on mine? - (Using phosphorous, it can also be used as a cheap backlight and can be build * dirt cheap *, no idea weather a beta particle source can be gotten at for under that of americium-241. If it ionizes the phosphorous and everything else, Is it possible to use it as a battery, *direct *?   

       *Grams americium and trowel and starts spreading on solar cell (with particle mask of course!) *
angry_scientist, Dec 19 2003


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