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Helps you find your lost PDA
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This would be a device designed to fit in the expansion slot of a PDA (e.g. a Visor). It would be powered by the PDA. Apart from that it would be very similar to a device that has existed for years.

When the user loses his/her PDA in the house/flat, they would walk around, whistling. The PDA's screen would light up, and it would start making noise. The device itself could have a speaker, so that it could be set to reach a loud volume if desired. It could also have bright lights of it's own.

This idea could be expanded so that, instead of picking up a whistling signal, it could pick up the signal from the user's car key radio transmitter. Although maybe not if the person is liable to lose important items!

gnc27, Feb 11 2002


       I've never owned a PDA, but don't they already have speakers/microphones built in?   

       And you need to find it before the batteries run out.
phoenix, Feb 11 2002

       They do, but I don't think it would be possible to write software that could listen for a certain sound when the device was switched off, so the manufactures would have to do it as part of the OS or something.   

       That's true about the batteries running out, though.
gnc27, Feb 13 2002

       Get a PDA that you can phone.
notripe, Feb 13 2002


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